The Best Scholarship Websites For Finding Money (2023)

The Best Scholarship Websites For Finding Money

There are millions - yes, MILLIONS - of dollars out there in scholarships right now - butknowing where and how to find them is key! To make your scholarship search easier, we did lots of research on free, trustworthy scholarship databases for you. Each of these scholarship websites have been carefully vetted by our team to ensure they protect your information and show you the best college scholarships out there. Here are some of the best scholarship websites for finding money!

Websites that won't sell yourdata

JLV College Counseling Scholarships

Created by a former college admissions counselor, JLV College Counseling connects students and their families to scholarship opportunities, college application and admission resources, and more - all for FREE. She categorizes her scholarships by deadline, month, majors, and areas of interest. No sign up is required.

Chegg Scholarship Tool

Chegg helps students find over 25,000 scholarships on their scholarship search tool! The tool is completely free, but creating an account is required to tailor your search for scholarships and to apply to them.

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Founded by two first-generation brothers, Scholarships360 is a free of charge (and spam!) platform for finding up-to-date scholarships. Scholarships listed on the site are vetted by members of the Scholarships360 team to ensure they're legit and not expired. The site also has helpful tips for finding and applying to scholarships, as well as essential FAFSA information. Sign up is required to be matched to scholarships.

Going Merry

Founded by graduates of Carnegie Mellon and Stanford who relied on scholarships to fund their college education, Going Merry aims to make finding and applying for scholarships easy for students. Scholarships are broken down by specific categories, including scholarships for women, minorities, and scholarships by state. Additional financial aid/FAFSA resources are available on the site to help you understand your financial aid options. Sign up is required to apply for scholarships directly on the website.

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Get Schooled

Did you know Get Schooled can help you find scholarships? We offer some of the best-updated scholarship lists, including the large dollar, easy to apply, DACA & Undocumented friendly, LGBTQ+, and more. We also have a few state-specific scholarships. Find all our scholarship listshere. No sign up is needed to access our scholarship list. enables individuals and companies to create targeted scholarships, fellowships, and grants on their platform. Scholarships are broken down by state, ethnicity, education level, major, and more, to make searching for scholarships that align with you and your interests easy!Sign up is required to apply for scholarships directly on their website.

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Websites that may sell your data unless you request they don’t:

Access Scholarships

Using Access Scholarship’s free Scholarship Search will lead you to thousands of available scholarships! Making a profile is recommended to tailor your search and match you to scholarships you are qualified for. In addition to scholarships, Access Scholarships offers free resources on health and wellness, navigating college during COVID, and more!


Fun fact: Fastweb was the very first college scholarship search website ever! For over 27 years, their team has helped students find and apply for all kinds of scholarships, learn more about financial aid, and help them search for part-time jobs. Sign-up is required to see and apply for the over 1.5 million scholarships Fastweb offers on its scholarship database.

(Video) The best scholarship websites for finding free money has a large database of scholarships, (over 3.7 million!) as well as free, printable resources for students preparing to apply to college. Sign up is required to begin searching for scholarships.

Websites that may sell your data

These scholarship websites and databases are legit and trustworthy, but are more likely to sell your information (age, address, email, etc.) to third parties. We urge you to be intentional about the scholarships you apply to and what information you share with them.

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Have any scholarship-related questions for us? Text #Scholarships to 33-55-77! Want to stay organized during your scholarship search? Use our FREE scholarship application tracker!

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