The 25 Best J. Cole Lyrics (2023)

This one’s for the J. Cole fans that understand his lyrics on a whole other level. His humble personality shines through his music as he speaks to his listeners about different matters including love, family, and chasing dreams. From advice about being grateful for everything in life, to understanding the hardships we face as adolescents, here are J. Cole’s 25 best lyrics:

1. "Father forgive me for my childish ways

I look outside and all the clouds are gray

I need your hands to take me miles away

Your wish is my command, my command, my command"

A Tale of 2 Citiez - 2014 Forest Hills Drive

2. "For what’s money without happiness?

Or hard times without the people you love

Though I’m not sure what’s ‘bout to happen next

I asked for strength from the Lord up above"

Love Yourz - 2014 Forest Hills Drive

3. "Always gon' be a whip that's better than the one you got

Always gon' be some clothes that's fresher than the ones you rock

But you ain't never gon' be happy till you love yours

No such thing as a life that’s better than yours"

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Love Yourz - 2014 Forest Hills Drive

4. "I keep my head high

I got my wings to carry me

I don't know freedom

I want my dreams to rescue me

I keep my faith strong

I ask The Lord to follow me

I've been unfaithful

I don't know why You call on me

This is my canvas

Ima paint it how I want it baby"

Apparently - 2014 Forest Hills Drive

5. "But when I'm in tune with the most high

I realize

The fear lies in my lack of awareness of the other side

Today I know that we are the same

(Video) J. Cole - Love Yourz (Lyrics / Lyric Video)

Are the same, you and I

Different kind of skin, different set of eyes

Two different minds, but only one God"

Fire Squad - 2014 Forest Hills Drive

6. "I want a real love, dark skinned and Aunt Viv love

That Jada and that Will love

That leave a toothbrush at your crib love

And you ain't gotta wonder whether that's your kid love"

No Role Modelz - 2014 Forest Hills Drive

7. "Think we need a plan of action
The bigger we get the more likely egos collide
It's just physics, please let's put our egos aside"

January 28th - 2014 Forest Hills Drive

8. "Thank you mama dry your eyes, there ain't no reason to cry
You made a genius and I, ain't gon' take it for granted
I ain't gon' settle for lesser, I ain't gon' take what they handed
Nah I'm gon' take what they owe me and show you that I can fly"

'03 Adolescence - 2014 Forest Hills Drive

9. "Get to know somebody and you really learn a lot about 'em
Won't be long for you, start to doubt 'em
Tell yourself you better off without 'em
Then in time you will find can't walk without 'em
Can't talk without 'em, can't breath without 'em
Came here together, you can't leave without 'em
So you walk back in, make a scene about 'em
On your Amerie it's just 1 thing about 'em
It's called love"

G.O.M.D. - 2014 Forest Hills Drive

10. "Time fly by way too quick don't it
Reflection bring regrets don't it
Rejection makes you defensive
So you protect your pride with your reflexes
But life is a game with no reset on the end"

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Hello - 2014 Forest Hills Drive

11. "It’s funny, we dream about money so much it’s like we almost got it,
Until we reach up in our pockets, its time to face reality,

And if you ain’t focused you gonna be here for awhile"

Dolla and a Dream - The Come Up

12. "Ay cheer up
And lil mama cheer up
You got your whole life to live
Ay why you wanna tear up"

Cheer Up - Single

13. "Lights please
Lights please
Turn off the lights
For now everything just seems so right
And how you make the darkness seem so bright
Feelin' like things gon' be alright"

Lights Please - The Warm Up

14. "I'm findin' the more I grow the more y'all seem to stay the same
Don't even know the rules but yet y'all tryin' to play the game"

Lights Please - The Warm Up

15. "Hoping this will reach you when you understand
That your value ain't determined by another man
Cause right now you let them brothers get the upper hand"

Losing My Balance - The Warm Up

16. "Ay, believe in God like the sun up in the sky!
Science can tell us how how but they can't tell us why
I seen a baby cry then seconds later she laughed, the beauty of life- The pain never lasts"

The Badness - The Warm Up

17. "Life is a movie, pick your own role
Climb your own ladder or you dig your own hole"

How High - Any Given Sunday #1

(Video) J. COLE 1 HOUR CHILL SONGS (2021)

18. "I’m sorting through this, organized confusion to get my thoughts together

I gotta make it to the top, it’s either now or never"

Neverland - Any Given Sunday #5

19. "They say everything happens for a reason
And people change like the seasons"

Lost Ones - Cole World: The Sideline Story

20. "Nobody's perfect, nobody's perfect ey, ey
But you're perfect for me"

Nobody's Perfect - Cold World: The Sideline Story

21. "I gotta get up put this city 'fore it try to trap me

I gotta leave, I wish I could stay
But I'll be home for the holidays
And to those that I used to know
From way before, keep your head up
Come lets get this bread up"

Home for the Holidays - Friday Night Lights

22. "Ima kill the game and invite witnesses
No death penalty, I'm givin' out life sentences
Like keep grindin' boy, your life can change in one year
And even when it's dark out, the sun is shining somewhere"

Premeditated Murder - Friday Night Lights

23. "Momma said I should reconsider law school
That means I wear a suit and bend the truth and feel awful
Hell naw, got a degree but what that cost you
You make a good salary just to pay Sally May
That's real as ever"

Blow Up - Friday Night Lights

24. "You wake up, put makeup on, stare in the mirror
But it's clear that you can't face what's wrong; no need to fix
What God already put his paint brush on"

Crooked Smile - Born Sinner

(Video) J.Cole - No Role Modelz (Lyrics)

25. "Should this be my last breath, I'm blessed cause it was purposeful
Never got to church to worship Lord but please be merciful
You made me versatile, well-rounded like cursive
Now you chose me for a purpose, I put my soul in these verses
Born sinner, was never born to be perfect"

Born Sinner - Born Sinner


What is J Cole's best song? ›

10 Best J Cole Songs You Must Listen Today
  • “Lights Please” ...
  • “Three Wishes” ...
  • “1985 (Intro to 'The Fall Off')” ...
  • “Power Trip” Featuring Miguel. ...
  • “Dollar and a Dream II” ...
  • “4 Your Eyez Only” ...
  • “Lights Please” ...
  • “Wet Dreamz”
Oct 31, 2021

What is J Cole's number 1 song? ›

Cole at last lands his first No. 1 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart as “My. Life,” a collaboration with 21 Savage and rising North Carolina rapper Morray, debuts atop the chart dated May 29.

What did J Cole say about love? ›

It's always nice to know someone is afraid to lose you. Catch me, I've fallen in love for the first time. For a few minutes you made me feel as if I actually meant something to someone. And the strongest drug of them all – Love.

What is J Cole salary? ›

J. Cole was the first artist signed to Jay-Z's label Roc Nation. He is consistently one of the highest-paid rappers in the world. In a typical year he earns $30 million.
J. Cole Net Worth.
J. Cole Career Earnings By Year:
2017$19 million
2018$36 million
2019$30 million
Total:$117 million
5 more rows

Is J. Cole underrated? ›

Jermaine Cole, more commonly known by “J. Cole,” is one of the most underrated rappers of his generation. While considered one of the “big three” of the new era of rap (with Drake and Kendrick Lamar), he is often discredited and underappreciated by many rap fans.

Who has more hits Drake or J. Cole? ›

Cole Cracks Top 10.


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