My spanking stories! – Spanking Amanda (2023)

Amanda Gets spanked! Story 1

Hi everyone! This first spanking I am going to share was one of the harder ones I ever got. I figured it would be a good idea to start out with a BANG! So here it goes! Hope you enjoy!

“A Rocky Afternoon”

It was the summer after 6th grade. I remember it was early in the afternoon, me and a few of the neighborhood kids were outside playing. There was this park, a few lots down from my house. It wasn’t much. Just a swing set, and a few benches. But that is where we all use to hang out.

We had been out there since before lunch, and we decided to go back to one of the other kids home. There was a short cut we would always take, that took use through a couple back yard. We did this all the time. But there was this old guy, we called him the ‘grumpy geezer’ because he use to always yell at us when we cut through.

We would usually just laugh it off. But today was different. When we got to his yard, he opened his back door and started yelling at us. Like usual we all just kept running till we were at the top of the street out of sight.

After catching our breath for a second we all starting laughing and talking about the old man. Joking about how he could never catch us, and then one of the guys said he had a funny idea! His name was Alex, I remember him always being the trouble maker in our little group. He said he though we should all go back and keep running through his yard, over and over again. We all agreed it would be funny. So we started back down the road.

When we got closer to his house we noticed that he was standing in his front yard, probably waiting for us to walk by again. So we all took off back up the street and decided to mess with him even more. Instead of running through his yard, we would wait till he goes back inside and then we would sneak up and toss rocks at his door.

We waited a few minutes and crept back to his house. Just close enough so we could see him without him seeing us. He was already back inside. We decided to do it now and all four of use ran to his house. We grabbed handfuls of rocks and started throwing them at his front door. I don’t know how many the others threw, I only tossed two. When we saw the front door open we took off running.

He didn’t chase us. But we ran anyways. When we were sure we had got away we all started laughing, and acting like we had just got away with some big thing! In our minds we thought we had won. But that was not the case.

Little did I know, that while we were running he was actually walking to our houses! Fortunately, most of the other kids had nothing to worry about. Either their parents were not home, or the old man had no idea were they lived. I however, was not so lucky. My house was just a few houses away, and my parents were home! Well, my mom was anyway. It was a weekday so my dad was at work.

At the time I had no idea any of this was going on. I was just at the park laughing it up with my friends. It had been maybe 5 minutes since we had thrown the rocks when I heard my mom calling me. The park was close enough to my house that my mom was able to just yell and I could hear her. That’s usually how she got me inside for dinner.

“Amanda! Get home! Now!” she yelled.

Right away I knew I was in trouble. I could tell by the tone of her voice. Obviously, all of my friends heard it to, so I tried to play it cool. I knew there was no way they knew I was in trouble. They probably just thought we were going somewhere or something. I told them I had to go, and that I would come back out later once I figured out what my mom wanted. Then I started to walk home.

Like I said before, I already knew I was in trouble for something. So I walked home as slow as I could. I kept trying to convince myself it wasn’t the rock thing. I was hoping maybe I had forgot to do something like put up my clothes or clean my room. Something small. I knew if it was the rock thing I would be in BIG trouble!

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As I got closer to my house I couldn’t help but think what would happen if it was the rock thing! How mad would she be? Would I get yelled at? Maybe grounded? Either way, I knew one thing for sure. If it was the rock thing I was getting spanked!

By the time I got to my house I was able to convince myself that there was no way she knew about the rock thing, and that it had to be something else. I told myself just play it cool, act like nothing happened and she would never know!

My false sense of security carried me all the way to my front door. But when I got there, the thought that I might be in big trouble came creeping in. My heart started racing and memories of past spankings flashed in my head. I knew that if she knew I was gonna get it! But I reassured myself that everything was going to be fine! And so with that, I pushed open the front door.

I had not even got the door closed behind me before my mom yelled from the living room!


My stomach churned! All that false hope I had talked myself into was gone and I knew I was in BIG trouble!

Despite that, I also knew I had to find a way to talk my way out of it!

“What are you talking about?” I replied., trying to play dumb.


“No I don’t! I didn’t do anything.” I lied.

Subconsciously, I knew she was in the living room. So I made my way through the dining room and into the kitchen. Trying to keep as far away from her as possible.


Busted! I had two options. I could keep lying, or keep lying! So I kept lying!

“It wasn’t me though. I was just there. They threw rocks and stuff, I was just hanging out. I didn’t even throw anything.” I said.

By now, my mom had stormed into the kitchen to confront me. She was standing in the doorway between me and the living room. I had moved back behind the island that was in the middle of the kitchen, trying to keep it between us. It was a tactic I had been using for years to by myself a little extra time.

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I was racking my brain, trying to think of what to say next but it was to late! My mom started walking toward me! I was gonna get it!

With my mom hurrying through the kitchen I knew I didn’t have much time. Out of instinct, I started running around the island, trying to keep it between us. So she started running around it to, trying to catch me.

“I DIDN”T THROW ANYTHING!” I cried in fear.

We made on lap around the island but as soon as I to the right side, I made a break for the back stairs. They were just a few steps away and if I could get there maybe I could get to my room.

I was so scared at this point. My heart pounding out of my chest and my throat was getting dry. All I could think about was escaping. I just had to get to my room!

I got to the stairs no problem, but my mom closing in. When I got to the top, I made a hard left turn and raced toward my room. From the stairs it was maybe 10 ft to my door. I was almost there!

I ran fast, as fast as I could! If I could just get there, and close the door I might be safe for a bit! It was my only hope!!

I flew into my room and spun around, trying to slam the door, but my mom was to close! She was already half way in the room, I got caught!

“NO! LET GO!” I cried, holding on to the door frame for dear life!

“I’m going to beat your little ass!” my mom said, trying to pry me away.

I was so scared that tears started forming in my eyes. I almost always cried when I got in trouble, especially this much trouble! I struggle as hard as I could. I wasn’t going down easy.

It took a second but she was able to break my grip on the door frame. Then she grabbed me by the arm and started dragging me across my room. I was struggling hard, trying my best to get free. But it is almost impossible. My mom is a big woman almost 6 ft tall! I never really had a chance. Even today, I am only 5 ft 4 in. Not a fair fight!

It didn’t take her long before she drug me to the bed. Then she spun me around and forcefully bent me over the foot of it.

My bed was a big queen size one with a brass foot board that was so tall when I would get bent over it my feet would be completely off the ground. I hated this position!

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Next I heard a tiny click, a sound I was all to familiar with. The sound of my mom unbuckling her belt! She let go of me, just for a split second, while she pulled the belt from around her waist.

I tried to use that split second to get up, but she pushed me back down before I could. Then she flipped my skirt up and pulled my panties down to my thighs!

Things just kept getting worse! I got the belt all the time but rarely was it ever bare bottom! Only when I was in really big trouble! So I knew this was going to bed a hard one!

I really started to struggle now, but pointless. Immediately my panties were down, I felt the belt for the first time! It was a thick leather belt, newer so that it was still a bit stiff. But it wasn’t a hit. It was just my mom, lining it up across my bare ass. Then it was gone!!

This was it! I heard the belt swinging through the air, followed by a loud CRACK as it landed across my bare bottom!


It hurt so bad!

By the time I had finished screaming she had already landed 2 more! I could tell right away that she was really going to let me have it!

My mom was a pro at giving spankings. By this point in my life she had given so many it was like a science to her. She would fold the belt over once and then fold the end again in her hand. Just so it was a little shorter. That way she could swing it faster.

My mom wasn’t one for slow spankings. Sometimes that was a good thing, means it was over quick. But if you were in real trouble it meant you would get a ton of smacks! Full speed, she could usually land 15 hits in less than 10 second with the belt. It was crazy.

But don’t think that means she hit softer! Oh no, it was actually the opposite. She still landed that thing with enough power to send a shock wave across your ass. And it would be so loud you could hear it no matter where you were in the house. Trust me!

By this point I was a sobbing mess. I was crying to hard to really speak so I just kept screaming, “OW!!”

I was getting it so hard! We flew right past 10 swats, then 20, then 30…….

“You know better than that! Was it worth it?!” my mom scolded.

“NO!” I cried.

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The spanking just kept going! 40…then 50….!

It hurt so bad! The pain kept building and building. My entire backside felt like it was one fire.

Then without warning, somewhere around the minute mark, it stopped! I felt her grip loosen and she let go of me.

“Don’t you EVER do something that stupid again! Do you understand?!” she scolded, giving me one more hard swat just for good measure.

I was to distracted by my throbbing backside to answer. So she had to ask again.

“I said DO YOU UNDER STAND?!” she yelled.

This time I answered. I didn’t want another swat!!

“YES!” I sobbed.

“Good! Your grounded and don’t you dare come out of this room!” she ordered.

I didn’t reply to that one either.

Now free from her grasp I yanked my panties back up as fast as I could and started trying to rub the sting out of my bottom. It was scorching hot from all the spanking, and I felt raised marks from were the belt had landed some of its better shots. Needless to say, it hurt. BAD!

My mom stormed out of my room, putting her belt back on as she walked out. I knew I was in the clear now.

Once she was gone I was able to start composing myself. I got up off the bed and straightened out my clothes. Then I started pacing around my room, rubbing my butt, trying to calm down. After a spanking like that it took me a few minutes before I was really able to get right.

Since I was now grounded and couldn’t leave my room I spent most of the day just laying in bed. Playing on my laptop. Every time I would think about leaving my room, the image of that spanking would pop back in my head. Even though the pain had mostly faded I could still feel a slight tingle from it when I would sit the wrong way.

Around 5 oclock that night my dad got home. I could hear the car as it pulled into the driveway. I can remember thinking, thank god he wasn’t home when I got in trouble. My dad’s spankings always hurt a lot more than my moms. So if my mom had spanked me THAT hard, I didn’t even want to think about how bad he would have.

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Fortunately the rest of the day was uneventful. I was mad that I got n trouble but I was a very good girl!

The End!


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