A band of criminals have stolen some high-tech weapons capable of mind controlling the largest of enemies. The Boss’s plan is to use it to neutralize and take control of Giantess Mila, knowing she will answer the call. Once the Boss has control of Mila, he turns on his own men, getting rid of all the evidence. Will Mila regain control of her mind? Will the Boss take over the entire city, or will the criminals find a way to turn the tide of the battle? This is The Good, The Bad and The Mila.

Created by The Giantess Director

Story by Josh Olivas

Starring Giantess Mila

Film Duration: 21 Minutes

(Growth, Foot Crush, Mind Control, Butt Crush, Vore, Building Crush, Dialog, FX)

Mila’s sister’s marriage is much like her own…horrible. Fed up with her brother-in-law’s abuse, along with her own husband, she decides to shrink them both and dispose of them in a crushing manner. Unfortunately for her husband, he shrinks too much and she loses him. But she’s pretty certain he’ll eventually be stepped on and she’ll be unaware it ever happened.

(Shrink, Butt Crush, POV, Unaware Crush, Micro, Foot Crush)

Directed by The Giantess Director

Film Duration: 22 Minutes

Giantess Mila is sick of the teenager she babysits. She finally has the opportunity to shrink him, along with accidentally shrinking her boyfriend who visits…She’s about to give the word “sitter” a whole new meaning.

Directed by ViSa

(Video) what would you do? (Giantess video)

Starring Giantess Mila

Effects by Dave Polcino

Budget: $1,300

(butt crush, slippers, barefoot, POV, fx)

Mila decides to shrink her annoying step-kids and get rid of them so she can have her husband all to herself.

Mila’s first Virtual Reality (VR) clip!

Duration: 12min

Featured in this clip: Butt Crush, Vore, Belly Button

Giantess Mila teaches her first class is Magic Spell Defense against an evil Giantess. Her students either pass this class…or die at the might of her massive ass and feet. Good Luck, Kids.

Film Duration: 20 min

Directed by ViSa

Budget: $2,500

(ass crush, vore, foot crush, pov

Giantess Mila is STARVING and there’s only one thing on the menu…her shrunken humans.

(Video) Get over hereeee #shortkings #giantess #giantesstiktok #tallgirl

(Giantess vore, hand crush, sandal crush, fx, POV)

Directed by ViSa

Film Duration: 9min

Starring Giantess Mila (5’9, Size 9.5 Shoe, Age 25)

A global virus is shrinking adult males to inches tall, mainly infecting adult males. Healthy women are urged to dispose of any infected, immediately. As Mila’s boyfriend contracts the virus and begins to shrink, she is left with a difficult situation to handle. Meanwhile, tiny infected humans that were ejected from their homes begin sneaking into Mila’s…but disaster ensues once she figures out what’s going on.

Happy Quarantining…I know it’s a difficult time for everyone being stuck in your home and unable to go about normal life – We worked real hard to make this film for the fans and discounting the 30 minute film ($1 per min rate) to $21.99. We hope all of you enjoy, more to come!

(Foot crush, Butt Crush, Unaware, Unaware Butt Crush, Gentle Giantess, Mean, Toe Crush, Shrinking)

Directed by ViSa

Starring Giantess Mila

Edit by Noise&Vision

Film Duration: 30 min

Giantess Mila Archives - Giantess Avenue (1) Giantess Mila Archives - Giantess Avenue (2) Giantess Mila Archives - Giantess Avenue (3)Giantess Mila Archives - Giantess Avenue (4) Giantess Mila Archives - Giantess Avenue (5) Giantess Mila Archives - Giantess Avenue (6)

After Giantess Mila does a mysterious spell on her new fling, Ethan, he gets stuck in a time loop, re-living the same day over and over again – getting killed in the worst of ways. Will he escape this horrible nightmare?

(Butt crush, unaware, vore, foot crush, shrink, pov, under glass crush, under glass butt crush, fart)

Directed by ViSa

(Video) Giantess Trailer - Adriana: Neighborhood Crush II

Film Duration: 26 Minutes

Starring Giantess Mila

Film Budget: $1,850

Giantess Mila Archives - Giantess Avenue (7) Giantess Mila Archives - Giantess Avenue (8) Giantess Mila Archives - Giantess Avenue (9) Giantess Mila Archives - Giantess Avenue (10) Giantess Mila Archives - Giantess Avenue (11) Giantess Mila Archives - Giantess Avenue (12)

A Spelling Bee by Your Giantess Teacher

Giantess Mila’s tiny class is forced to participate in her spelling bee. The winner of this contest will get to join the school’s “spelling team.” The losers…will be executed. The sight of their Giantess Teacher’s massive ass or sole is the last thing they’ll ever see.


Directed by ViSa


Film Duration 20 Minutes + Bloopers

Giantess Mila’s debut clip. Mila wakes up to an empty house…or so it seems. Her roommates were shrunk the night before after they all drank a “party juice” said to give you the best buzz imaginable. When she wakes up and notices the messy house, she inadvertently crushes most of her roommates and party guests.

Film Duration: 15 min

Directed by ViSa

Film Budget: $1,450

(Unaware, Foot Crush, Finger Crush, Butt Crush, POV)

Ethan was finally able to get his hands on the body shrinking medication, allowing him to get down to inches tall. He makes a risky bet with his step-sister Mila: If he can crush him with her ass, she wins $500. Unbeknownst to Her, the medication makes the shrunken body 10x more resilient than normal. She’s got her work cut out for her…but she’ll make sure her step-brother doesn’t win this bet.

Directed by “The Giantess Director” (AKA ViSa)

Starring Giantess Mila

Film Duratioin 24 min

(FX Butt Crush, Shrinkage, Glass Butt Crush, Smothering, Farts, POV)

Script Idea Winner: Ethan Q

(Video) Tin Man (2007) Clip - Giantess[shrunken]


Mila is frusterated with her marriage. Her husband is emotionally and physically abusive and she’s had ENOUGH. Desperate for change, she turns to her Therapist (Giantess Roma) that they simply call “The Shrink.” Mila is given a quick fix…a mysterious ray gun that will tip the scales of power. Eager to regain control of her relationship, she blasts her lousy husband…and right before her eyes, he’s shrunk into a harmless, tiny man. Payback time.

Film Duration: 21 Minutes

Directed by The Giantess Director

Starring Giantess Mila

Guest Starring Giantess Roma

(Butt Crush, Foot Crush, Shrinkage, POV)

Giantess Hera invites her bestie (Giantess Mila) to her house for a sleep over. Things get very interesting when Hera reveals what she bought from the black market – SHRUNKEN PEOPLE! These tiny people keep the girls entertained as they play and prey on these little “party favors.”

Directed by ViSa


(Video) Giantess Crush

Film Duration: 20 minutes

(foot crush, FARTS, in shoe crush, unaware, pov, vore, butt crush)