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The range cooker is likely the most sought-after and expensive of all kitchen appliances. It’s impressive appearance and unbeatable functionality mean that it’s at the top of many homeowners’ wish lists.

Because it’s such a significant purchase, it’s one that requires a lot of research. Which is probably why you’ve found your way to this article on the 5 best range cookers!

Choosing the right range cooker for you can be a challenge. It must be built to a high standard, suit your kitchen, and fall within your budget.

Ranges have such a broad spectrum of capabilities that they are often purchased for regular, intensive use. As a result, they must be durable, hard wearing and able to provide each function both effectively and efficiently.

For some extra support with your choice, read my article9 questions you need to answer before buying a range cooker.

In the following article, I’ve outlined what I believe to be the5 best range cookersavailable– each offering excellent build quality and fantastic functionality for your home. As each is different, I’ve broken my list down into sections. These include the most common size categories, my choice of modern range cooker and the best value budget model.

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Best Range Cookers

Best 90cm – Rangemaster Kitchener Dual Fuel

5 Best Range Cookers | Cooker Base (6)

Over the years the name ‘Rangemaster’ has become synonymous with ‘high-quality cookers’ – and the Kitchener 90 dual fuel range cooker is no different.

The first thing you notice about this particular cooker is its fantastic appearance. Available in a variety of colours (matte black being my absolute favourite) with some delightful chrome finishes, this machine will look at home in even the most stylised of kitchens. Combine this with its solid cast iron stovetop, and you have yourself an incredibly solid-looking cooker.

The design itself is reminiscent of more traditional style cookers, but the finish is anything but conventional. Consisting of two oven compartments and a separate grill, this beast has a combined oven capacity of 135 litres which, considering its width of only 90cm, is quite a feat in itself.

The separate sections mean that you could easily cook multiple meals or dishes at the same time, which is essential for the home entertainer. The right-hand oven is tall with several shelves perfect for batch cooking or when preparing for dinner parties. Each of the oven compartments is fan assisted, resulting in some seriously quick heating times. Combine this with the glide-out grill and a massive five burner stovetop, and you have yourself a seriously high-quality option that takes up less room than a full 110cm range.

This particular model also comes withself-cleaning catalytic liners, making it easy to keep the inside looking as good as the outside.


  • Two ovens and a separate grill
  • Side opening main oven with handyrack
  • Combined oven capacity of 135 litres
  • Traditional style with a modern finish
  • Catalytic oven liners
  • Energy rating A


  • Side opening ovens aren’t suited to all kitchen designs
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Best 100cm – Stoves Richmond Deluxe S1000DF

5 Best Range Cookers | Cooker Base (8)

For those of us who have a little more room to spare and are therefore in the market for a slightly larger range cooker, it’s hard to go past the Richmond Deluxe S1000DF. With its stylish, modern design, the S1000DF is an ideal combination of looks and functionality. Its crisp matte black finish gives an appearance similar to solid cast iron. Incredibly, this machine somehow manages to look sleek and rustic at the same time.

Offering the best of both gas and electricity, this is a versatile option that will suit nearly any household. This deluxe model comes with two main ovens, with a combined capacity of more than 100 litres, a slow cooking oven and a completely separate grill. As a result, you will have more cooking space than you are ever likely to need.

This is further combined with a massive seven burner gas stovetop, making it perfect for cooking multiple dishes at the same time. These include a 4.0kW dual ring Power Wok burner for when you need extra heat for that authentic stir-fry flavour.

In conjunction with all of this, this Richmond cooker also offers a host of 11 handy oven cooking options (including baking, pizza, conventional, browning, and defrost), ensuring that you can cook anything your heart desires.

On top of all that this is a cooker with some genuinely high-tech gadgetry, including a touch-controlled clock and a programmer linked via Bluetooth to your phone. It also boasts of vital safety features including an automatic gas shutoff should a flame go out.


  • Contemporary style
  • Two large main ovens
  • A slow cooker oven and separate grill
  • 11 cooking options in the primary oven
  • Touch controlled clock
  • Bluetooth connectable programmer
  • Flame failure safety shutoff
  • Energy rating A


  • No glass lid to cover the hob when not in use

5 Best Range Cookers | Cooker Base (9)



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Best 110cm – Rangemaster Classic 110 Gas Cooker

5 Best Range Cookers | Cooker Base (10)

You may be somewhat surprised to see another Rangemaster on this list, but I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t be. Considering both the product quality and fantastic finish that this machine offers, we really couldn’t look past it.

Now, the first thing that you notice about this particular gas cooker is that it is anabsolute monster.Coming in at 110cm wide, this machine has all the cooking space you could ever need (and then some).

Offering two entirely separate (and very large) side opening, oven compartments, combined with an extremely well-sized six-burner stove and an individual grill compartment, the Classic has everything you could ever need. If you have a large family or are expecting to entertain multiple house guests at once, it’s ideal.

The main oven gives you over 80 litres of capacity and the second has an equally impressive 69 litres. You also get a bonus storage draw for all your trays and pans, ensuring they are easily accessible and close at hand for whenever you need them.

This amazing quality and versatility are combined with some incredible design that combines black with chrome features – the result of which is an extremely high-end machine that would look at home in the most impressive of households.


  • Over 140 litres of dedicated oven space
  • Separate grill compartment
  • Large, six-burner stove
  • Storage draw
  • High-quality, classic appearance
  • Handyrack
  • Energy rating A+


  • Side opening oven doors don’t suit all kitchen layouts.

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Best Modern – Stoves Sterling S1000DF 100cm

5 Best Range Cookers | Cooker Base (12)

Although many of us do enjoy the more traditional styled ovens, I can appreciate that they may not fit in with every single kitchen – particularly those that opt for a more modern design. With this in mind, we have taken the time to find the best modern range cooker available today.

And boy have we found a good one.

The Stoves Sterling S1000DF is an extremely clean looking dual fuel cooker that is designed with the serious cook in mind. Using clean black finishes, sharp designed edges and doors, and stainless-steel highlights, this cooker looks years ahead of its time.

This contemporary range comes with some seriously advanced cooking options, ensuring baking, grilling, defrosting, and roasting, all occur as effectively and as efficiently as possible. It has two separate oven compartments with a combined capacity of 100 litres, a separate grill, a slow cook oven and a large 7 burner stovetop. This is a sophisticated and capable machine that can handle anything you throw at it.

Considering both is design and functionality, the S1000DF is a seriously advanced cooker that will suit the most modern of homes.


  • Dual fuel
  • Seven burner stovetop
  • Incredible modern design
  • Two separate ovens with a combined 100 litre capacity
  • 11 function main oven
  • Fully adjustable shelving systems
  • Slow cook oven
  • Separate grill
  • Gas shutoff safety feature
  • Energy rating A


  • No glass lid to cover hob when not in use

5 Best Range Cookers | Cooker Base (13)



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Best Budget – Kenwood CK406 Dual fuel 90cm

5 Best Range Cookers | Cooker Base (14)

Now while I do believe that some of the above options offer the best range cookers available in any capacity, I also realize that they may not be a realistic option for everyone – which is precisely where the Kenwood CK406 comes in.

This particular cooker offers a seriously good option for those looking for a smaller range cooker (coming in at only 90cm wide)that won’t break the bank.

While it won’t win any big awards for intuitive design, it does offer a simple looking machine that will fit in with most kitchens décor. Using a combination of slick black material and stainless steel highlights, this machine looks clean and reliable.

It’s well built, complementing its solid-looking finish with some sturdy doors and smooth functioning dials – suggesting a high degree of durability in conjunction with its decent functionality. It comes with two large, enamel-coated, electric ovens with integrated grills.

The main 70 litre oven also benefits from fan assistance to ensure even cooking throughout. On top, you have five gas rings, including a wok burner, with cast iron supports to hold even the weightiest cookware.

While it isn’t the largest or fanciest option on this list, it is a solid and durable cooker that has with everything you will need daily.


  • Two ovens with integrated grills
  • Enamel oven coating
  • Main oven energy rating B
  • Second oven energy rating A
  • Five gas burners
  • Wok burner
  • Excellent value for money


  • Simple design
  • No separate grill

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Range cookers are one of the most important appliances for any home. They need to be reliable, durable, and effective – I should also add that finding a nice looking machine is a positive too.

The five range cookers outlined in this article offer what we believe to the best options on the market today. This should allow you to find one that will fit in with your kitchen and suit your price range.

If you have had any experience with any of these cookers, we would love to hear about them – so drop us a comment and we will get back to you ASAP.



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